Illustrated messages

TITLE: The Balance

OBJECT: A set of two scales

DOCTRINE: Justification


Many people think that after death there will be someone standing before the gate of heaven with a balance; and on one side, all of your good deeds will be weighed, and on the other side, your sins will be weighed.


They think that the side that weighs the most will decide their destiny. Maybe you say, “Well, I’ve given to the poor; I’ve put up with a lot in my marriage; I haven’t robbed a bank; I am not so bad.” But there is a problem with that reasoning.


The law does not function like a balance. It doesn’t matter if you always drive correctly, if one day a radar detects you going faster than the speed limit, you will get a fine. You don’t need to kill many times in order to be considered a murderer; if you break the law even once, you are guilty. Yet we have broken God’s laws hundreds of times. How many times have you lied, harbored bitterness against someone, or lived in sexual immorality? Each infraction carries a fine.


When you break one of God’s laws, you become guilty. And the “fine” that you deserve is not a certain quantity of money or a few years in prison. It is an eternal separation from God in an eternal prison called hell.


In the same way that someone could offer to pay your traffic fine, there is someone who is able to pay your fine before God. Jesus Christ lived a perfect life, and never broke any of God’s laws. When he died on the cross, He took upon himself the punishment that your guilt deserved. The fine that we all must pay, was paid on the cross. Then Jesus rose from the dead, demonstrating that he has power to forgive us and take us to heaven with him.


But God requires that you first recognize your sin, that you have lived being your own god, that your actions have separated you from God, and that there is nothing you can do to deserve his love and forgiveness. Ask him for forgiveness and look at the cross, and recognize that your fine was paid there. Ask Jesus to be your Lord, to transform you, and help you leave your sin behind. He demands your whole life; walk with him now and forever.

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