Illustrated messages

TITLE: The Berlin Wall

OBJECT: Cardboard or sponge bricks

DOCTRINE: Reconciliation


November 9th, 1989 something very unexpected happened.  Suddenly, the Berlin Wall fell, the symbol of separation between communism and capitalism, representing 40 years of separation of families and friends.  When there was little hope that things would ever change, the wall fell.  It was the happiest day of our lives.


The Berlin Wall is an example of something in our lives today.  Many say that God doesn’t exist.  However, the problem is that we are separated from God.  There is no way we can draw close to Him.  We pray, we ask for help, but we feel the separation is too great.


The problem is that if we are separated from God here on earth, we will also spend all of eternity separated from Him.  Life does not end with death.  Jesus taught us that we would either live with God in heaven, or be separated from Him in hell.  The worst thing about hell is that there is no exit, and it will be too late to draw close to God after we die.


When you break one of God’s laws, you become guilty. And the “fine” that you deserve is not a certain quantity of money or a few years in prison.  It is an eternal separation from God in an eternal prison called hell.


Since God created human beings, He has desired to share everything with them.  He never wanted us to be separated from Him.  That is why God Himself became a man; 2000 years ago, Jesus walked this earth and showed us what the Father is like.  He came to reconcile us with the Father when He died on the cross.  Jesus was separated from His Father so that you and I could be reconciled with Him.  Jesus took on our punishment, so that we could be forgiven and brought to God.


If you want to spent eternity with God, turn your back on the things that separate you from Him.  Trust that by Jesus’ sacrifice, you can be reconciled to God.  Follow Him with all your heart and you will see the wall between you and God crumble.  You will experience the same thing we experienced when the Berlin Wall fell.  It will be the most incredible day of your life, and things will never be the same again!

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