Illustrated messages

TITLE: Boomerang Effect

OBJECT: Boomerang

DOCTRINE: Propitiation


I have always been amazed by the boomerang effect.  Normally when we throw something (like a rock), we don’t expect it to turn around and come back to us.  But the boomerang effect brings back to us exactly what we’ve thrown.


The boomerang makes me think about the things you and I do every day.


We often think that the things we do will have no eternal effect.  Every day we toss lies from our mouths, and we think that the boomerang effect is not active and that our lies will not return to us.  When we desire things that don’t belong to us, we toss greed and envy towards others and we don’t think there will be any consequences.  Or what about the bitterness and hatred against someone who has hurt us?  In Jesus’ words, you have tossed murder from your heart, but you don’t think there will be repercussions.


The problem is that one day you and I will die.  And when you present yourself before God, He will judge you, and the boomerang effect of having broken His laws will fall upon you.  There are consequences for your lies, for your greed, and for your bitterness and hate.  The effect of your disobedience is to be eternally separated from God in a place called hell.


But today I want to introduce you to someone that can set you free from the consequences of your sins.  God Himself become a man; He was perfect in every way; He never tossed anything sinful.  His name is Jesus Christ.  When he died on the cross, He received the consequences of your sins; the boomerang effect for your sins fell upon Jesus.  When he rose again, he demonstrated His power to forgive you and give you eternal life.


But He demands two things from you: first, that you repent; in humility ask forgiveness for living in disobedience to God; and second, that you completely give the control of your life to Jesus.  He desires to give you new life so that you can spend eternity with Him in heaven.  Repent and trust Christ; and you will be freed from the boomerang effect of sin.

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