Illustrated messages

TITLE: Photos

OBJECT: Camera

DOCTRINE: Justification


With the old cameras we used to use, the only way to immortalize a moment of your life was to develop the film and print the photo, but today everything has changed with arrival of the digital camera. Now anyone can use their camera to catch you doing something embarrassing and within minutes your face is on Facebook. The problem with these photos is that if I don’t like them, I can’t erase them or make them disappear. I’ve been caught!


Something similar happens in our lives. There is someone constantly photographing your life and mine.


Whenever you lie, someone takes a photo of you; when you don’t pay your taxes, get ready for the camera flash; when you think no one is watching and you are unfaithful to your spouse, even with your thoughts, another photo has been saved in the camera of your life. God does not overlook our sin. He is filing away every action, word, and thought of your life.


All the photos of our live will be revealed on the day of your judgment after you die. God will expose them all, and everyone will see your lies, your blasphemy, your disobedience, your bitterness. The consequences of our sin is hell, where everyone who has broken God’s laws deserves to go.


I know this is hard to hear because no one wants to spend eternity in hell. God does not want you to end up there, either. That’s why he sends his Son, Jesus Christ, the one who was perfect in everything. No one ever took a photo of Jesus doing something wrong because he obeyed God’s law completely. Jesus took upon himself the punishment for your sin when he died on the cross, and on the third day, he rose from the dead to offer you forgiveness and a chance to start a new life.


If you want Jesus to delete all of your sins and remove the incriminating photos from your life, you must sincerely repent and call on him for forgiveness.  If you put all of your confidence in him, he will declare you innocent and on the day of judgment, and God will allow your entrance into heaven.

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