Illustrated messages

TITLE: The Car

OBJECT: Picture of a car

DOCTRINE: Regeneration


My sister and I went to wash her car, and the inside of the car was a filthy, smelly, nasty mess. It honestly smelled like something had died in there. We washed the outside, but left the inside as it was because we didn't have time to clean the inside.


That reminds me of our lives. We spend time and money to make ourselves look great on the outside. Our hair is perfect; we are dressed in the latest styles; we go to church; we give money to the poor, and try our best to be nice.  And although we have succeeded at fooling those around us, it doesn't matter how much perfume we put on...in the nostrils of God, we smell like death.


The problem is that one day we will all die and stand before God, and He doesn't look at the things that man looks at. He doesn't care how good-looking you are, how often you attend church, or how nice you are. He's not only a loving Father but also a just Judge, and He will judge us according to His laws, the Ten Commandments.  We are all guilty of breaking God's laws. We have all lied, stolen, coveted other people’s things, and entertained lustful thoughts.


We are guilty, and there is only one place for lawbreakers after they die: Prison. But not just any prison. An eternal prison where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Eternal death.


But there is hope! God Himself came to earth as a man over 2000 years ago. He was born as a baby. He lived a spotless life. Yet He went up on a cross. He died a sinner’s death. He carried our sin and death on the cross. He resurrected from the dead to show His power over sin and death. Now He offers us eternal life.


But He is asking something of us, as well.  He is asking us not only to say that we are sorry for how we have lived in the past, but to turn our backs on that way of life. He is asking us to put our trust in what Jesus did on the cross. Ask Him to clean you up and give you new life, and He'll do it. Talk to Him today! He will answer!

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