Illustrated messages

TITLE: Slavery

OBJECT: Chains

DOCTRINE: Redemption


Slavery is a very shameful part of our history.  Today owning someone else because of the color of their skin is unthinkable.  But there is modern-day slavery not based on the color of someone’s skin, but on their gender.  Today millions of women and girls around the world are trafficked as sexual slaves for someone else’s profit.


There is yet another kind of slave that is present here today, slaves to sin.  What is a slave?  It is someone who us under the control of another person or “owner.”  Slaves are not free, but rather have to do the will of their “owner.”


Do you remember when someone hurt you and you didn’t want to forgive them?  Every bitter thought is another link in your chain of slavery.  You have given yourself over to hatred and bitterness, and you are under their control.  Do you remember the first time you looked at pornography?  Every lustful thought is yet another link in your chain.  You are a slave to lust, and are under its control.  Do you remember the first time you told a lie?  Now it is so natural to lie that you don’t even think about it; you are under its control.  Every lie is another link in your chain.


How long is your chain of lies?  How long is your chain of sin?  The problem is not only in living enslaved to these things in this life; but your chain of sin will one day pull you down to an eternity far from God.  What can you do to become free?


How can a slave be set free?  He needs someone that is able to redeem him from his slavery.  There is only one person capable of freeing you from your slavery to sin.  Jesus Christ lived a perfect life, and paid a very high price to buy your freedom, His own life, when He was crucified on the cross.  His resurrection proved that the price was paid in full.  Only Jesus Christ can set you free from sin and hell.


The question is this: Do you want to be free?  Jesus offers you an exchange: Give Him your chains of sin and tell Him you longer want to live in sin; and He will set you free.  You need to make a change of owner; stop serving sin and begin serving Jesus.  Surrender your life to Him and He will break the chains of sin in your life.  “He who the Son of God sets free, is free indeed.”  Come to Jesus today to be set free!

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