Illustrated messages

TITLE: The Cleaner

OBJECT: Spray Bottle

DOCTRINE: Sanctification


The other day a salesman came to my house and wanted to sell me a household cleaner. He said there were a 1000 ways to dirty your home and he had the cleanser to clean every stain. His guarantee was that if he could not take out the worst stain, he would give me the cleanser. I was convinced; I bought the product.


I began to think that we are just like a house, and there are many ways we can dirty our hearts on the inside. As we live our lives, we stain our house from room to room.


How do we dirty our house? We track dirt into our hearts when we lie, or when we have hate for someone who has offended us, or when we use God's name as a curse word. Our houses are filled with stinky trash.


One day when we die we will be asked by God to open the front door of our house. When God sees it full of garbage on Judgement Day, He will say, “I do not want that house in heaven. it stinks; burn it down!” We will be cast out of His presence and burn in hell for all eternity because of the filthy sin in our hearts. What can clean out our lying, our hatred and our blasphemy?


God knows that we have filth in our house. So he came down from Heaven in the form of a man, Jesus. His house was always perfectly clean. He never sinned. He died on the cross to forgive us our sin. Then Jesus rose up from the dead, proving he has power over the sin in the world and in your life. When he forgives us, he cleans us on the inside.


We need to recognize that we have garbage in our house, and we need a thorough housecleaning. Tell Jesus, “I believe you died on the cross to forgive me; come into my house; clean out every corner of every room.” And when Jesus sees a clean house, he will move into his new home. He will help you keep your house clean.

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