Illustrated messages

TITLE: The Coconut

OBJECT: A coconut

DOCTRINE: Redemption


I want to tell you how a hunter catches a monkey using a coconut. The hunter will tie one end of the coconut to a tree. He makes a hole in the other end of the coconut, and puts dried fruit and nuts inside it. The monkey will come and put his hand into the coconut to grab the food. But when he grabs the dried fruit, his fist is larger than the hole. But he won’t let go of it. He is trapped, and the hunter has monkey for supper.


In many ways we are like the monkey. There are many things we see in this world that we should not touch.


We know we shouldn’t touch stealing.  But it seems so easy to cheat on a test, ride the train without paying, or pay under the table and avoid being taxed. We know we shouldn’t play with sex outside of marriage, or look at pornography on the internet.  We know it can destroy our relationships, but it looks so good.  So we grab hold of it, and do not want to let go. We say, this is mine, this will taste sweet. We do not realize that we are trapped.


But the hunter is coming - the hunter is death.  Where will your hand be when the hunter comes?  Will you be entangled in stealing, fornication or pornography? God is holy, pure and good. If we are enslaved to sin, we will be sent to Hell where there is eternal bondage for all eternity. Hell is forever and there is no escape. Our universal problem is that we are enslaved and we can do nothing to free ourselves. The monkey cannot break the coconut; and you and I cannot break the power of sin.


But God saw our condition; he saw our enslavement to sin. He had a plan to break the power of sin. But HE would have to come to earth. He put on flesh and lived a perfect life. He died on the cross where He took our place. Three days later he rose from the grave proving he had broken the power of sin.  For that reason he has the power to forgive and set the captives free from sin.


Do you want to be set free? Do you want to go to heaven? Only Jesus can break the power of sin in your life. He asks that you confess your sin and let go of it. Pull your hand out of the trap, and start to follow Jesus. Talk to him today and ask him to set you free.

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