Illustrated messages

TITLE: The Cup-Bearer

OBJECT: Two cups, one cheap one, and one fancy one

DOCTRINE: Propitiation


The cup-bearer was a friend of the king who was like a modern-day body guard. Instead of taking the bullet for the king, he would test the king’s wine because the king’s enemies would try to poison him. The cup-bearer loved the king. I’m sure there were cup-bearers who died protecting the king.


When we are born we all have a cup in our hand. We begin to put good things and bad things into our cup.


When we break God’s law, it’s like putting drops of poison into our cup. When we lie, steal or hate; these are all drops of poison that go into our cup. One drop will bring death. Our cups are full of poison.


When we die and stand before God, we will all have our cup in our hand. God will say, “The time has come to receive the consequences of how you lived your life; drink your cup.” We will have to drink our cup of poison and we will die. We will die spiritually. We will be sent to Hell for all eternity, separated from God. I ask you, "Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a cup-bearer on the Day of Judgement?"


God knows we have poison in our cup, and there is no way we can clean it out. He said humanity needs a cup-bearer. He sent Jesus, who lived a perfect life; he never had one drop of poison in his cup. He died on the cross. The night before he died, he prayed, "Father if it be your will, take this cup of wrath away from me". God said, “It is my will that you be the cup-bearer; drink the cup". The next day he drank the cup of sin for all the world, and God's wrath was poured out on Jesus.


Jesus rose from the dead, proving his victory over the poison in your cup. Today Jesus is here, and he has a cup in His hand, the cup of eternal life (the royal cup). He says, “I drank your poison 2000 years ago so you do not have to drink it on your Day of Judgement. I became your cup-bearer.” But to receive the cup of eternal life, you must give Him your cup of sin.  Make your choice: keep your cup of sin, poison, and eternal death; or exchange it for Jesus’ cup of forgiveness and eternal life. I urge you to choose life, and choose forgiveness today.

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