Illustrated messages

TITLE: Debts

OBJECT: Accounting book

DOCTRINE: Justification


When someone wants to buy a house or start a new business, he normally goes to the bank to ask for a loan, and the loan is registered along with the corresponding interest. If he loses his job or the business folds, he still must pay the debt because he received the money from the bank.


This reminds me that we all have a personal accounting book in heaven where every one of our actions is registered, and one day we will present ourselves before God and he will open our books. The sum of our debts will determine the price we will have to pay.


Every time we break God’s laws, we accumulate a debt with God. Every lie is a debt. If we lied only once a day, multiplied by 365 days a year, and if we lived to be 70 years old, we would have a debt with God of 25,500 lies. Every time we steal something that doesn’t belong to us, we accumulate more debt with God. With every impure thought or action, we are increasing our debt even more.


If someone returned to the bank and said, “I repent from having asked for a loan. I promise I will never again ask for any more loans.” That would not change a thing; the debt remains. It is the same with God. Even if we said we were sorry about our debt and wouldn’t do it any more, or if we do many good works, our debt remains. The debt must be paid, and the price is high. We will all have to pay for our debts of sin in a place called hell.


But God does not want you to go there. That is why he sent his son, Jesus Christ, who lived a perfect life and his accounting book never listed a debt of sin. But even so, he chose to become the guarantor of your life to take your place and pay the debt you owe God.


To receive Jesus’ payment, you must repent of all of your debts of sin, recognize that your good works can never pay off your debt, and receive the payment that Jesus made for you on the cross. Then on the day you present yourself before God at the door of heaven, Jesus will present the certificate of your debt “Paid in Full.”

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