Illustrated messages

TITLE: The Door

OBJECT: Replica of a door with a peephole

DOCTRINE: Reconciliation


I love these types of doors with peepholes.  Someone knocks at the door, and you look through the peephole to see who it is.  If you see a friend, you open the door and invite him in.  Our houses are private places, and we don’t welcome strangers or enemies into our homes.


One day we will be knocking on God’s door.  “God, God, let me in!”  God will take a look through the peephole and see if you are a friend or an enemy.  The question is, are you a friend or enemy of God?  God says that his friends obey his commandments.


Let’s see if you are a friend or an enemy of God.  One of his commandments says, “Honor your father and mother.”  If they have every disciplined you for disobedience, you have not kept God’s commandment.  Another commandment says, “Do not kill.”  God judges what is in our heart also and says if we have bitterness in our heart toward someone, it’s as if we have killed them in our heart.  What about the commandment that says, “Do not steal?”  If you have ever taken anything that didn’t belong to you, even if it had little value, you have broken God’s commandment.


I think we all have become God’s enemies by disobeying his commandments.  If we die in that condition, when God looks at us through the peephole of his door, he will not let us enter his home (heaven).


The good news is that the Son of God, Jesus Christ, reconciled us with God.  When Jesus died for our sins and rose again, he created a new door to heaven.  He said, “I am the door” and “no one comes to the Father but through me.”


No one will enter heaven by being a good person; we have all broken God’s commandments.  Our only hope is to repent of our sins and place all of our trust in what Jesus did for us on the cross, reconciling us to God.  Repent today and surrender your life to Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then when God looks at you through his peephole, he will recognize you as his friend, and welcome you into heaven.

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