Illustrated messages

TITLE: Dung Beetle

OBJECT: Large picture of a dung beetle

DOCTRINE: Sanctification


I saw a dung beetle the other day and he was rolling a ball of dung!  All day long his little feet are in the poop.  The female lays her eggs in the dung ball and then the larva eat it!  What a strange creature that God has placed on planet earth.


But the dung beetle is not quite as strange as you and me.  I would say our life is a lot like that dung beetle.  Just think about it.  How we love the things that make us filthy!


You see, God has established 10 ways to keep our lives pure and clean and free from the excrement of the world.  But we don’t pay attention.  He says, “don’t lie,” and we lie.  It is like rolling a ball of lies around.  What about sexual impurity?  If we are not practicing all sorts of sexual sins, we are thinking about it.  Day and night, like the dung beetle, we are rolling a huge ball of sin.


What will happen when we die and we stand before God, and he says "What have you got there?”  “Well, it is my life of sin.”  Do you think he will let us into his pure and clean heaven like that?  How can we expect to get in if we have lived all of our lives contaminating ourselves with sin?  He won’t allow us into his home; he must cast us away.


But that is not what he wants to do!  He would love to clean you up!  Let me tell you what God did for you.  He sent Jesus to earth to live a perfectly clean life.  When he got on that cross, he voluntarily took your balls of sin, adultery, bitterness and selfishness, and he took it upon himself.  He was punished in your place, so that you can be forgiven.  He rose from the dead and now has the power to cleanse you.


Jesus says that to receive that forgiveness, you must repent and surrender to Him.  Repent means to turn around and leave your sin behind once and for all.  To surrender is to ask Him to come into your life and change you.  Trust that God is able to forgive you by what Jesus did on that cross.  Don't wait another day.  Do not die with your hands rolling balls of sin.  Let Jesus cleanse you.  Then you can stand before him as though you had never sinned.  Talk to him today.

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