Illustrated messages

TITLE: Elegant Dinner Invitation

OBJECT: An elegant dress and dirty clothing

DOCTRINE: Sanctification


Not long ago I was invited to an elegant dinner and in order to go, there were a few requirements:  I had to wear an elegant dress, high heels, and have my hair all fixed up.  If I would have shown up in dirty clothes and jeans with my hair a mess, I can assure you that they would not have let me into that elegant ballroom prepared for a special dinner.


We have all received an invitation from God to enter a beautiful place, heaven.  But God has some requirements in order to get in.  He requires us to have a clean heart that has not been stained by sin.


Would you like to see if you meet His requirements?  The times you have lied to obtain something you wanted or get out of embarrassing situations are stains on your heart in God’s eyes; or the times you have wished evil things for someone who has hurt you; or when you’ve used God’s name as a swear word; or when you disobey or mistreat your parents, these things all become stains.  And the clean outfit you once had has become an outfit dirtied by sin.


This has serious consequences.  One day we will present ourselves before God.  What will happen if we present ourselves with a dirty heart?  God is pure and holy and does not allow impurity in heaven, and we will end up separated from Him forever in hell.


Yet this hurts God’s heart.  His desire is for all to go to heaven, but sin does not allow us to.  That is why God sent His son, Jesus Christ.  Jesus never was stained by sin.  He was the only perfect one and the only one who could dress himself in our sin and pay the price for our sin on the cross.  When He rose again, He received the authority to dress us in His justice and holiness.


I can assure you that what ought to worry you more than anything is your need to have Jesus cleanse your heart so that you can be with Him and enter heaven.  If you want Him to do that, you need to repent from your heart, confess your sins and ask His forgiveness, turn your back on your former way of living and follow Jesus.  Don’t wait any longer, ask Jesus to remove the stains on your heart.  Tomorrow could be too late.

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