Illustrated messages

TITLE: Five More Minutes

OBJECT: Alarm clock

DOCTRINE: Sanctification


A few months ago I went to the movies with some friends and the next morning I had to get up early to go to work, so I set my three alarms.  At 5:30 am the alarm clocks started to ring, but it was as if I never heard them.  Because I wanted just five more minutes, I fell back to sleep and was late for work.  It was very embarrassing.


In our lives we have alarms telling us to “Wake up and stop living the way you’re living!” But we keep asking for just five more minutes.


For example, you know it is wrong to steal, but every time you ride the metro or train without paying, or you copy on an exam, instead of stopping, you ask for just five more minutes to continue stealing.  You know it is wrong to look at pornography or be unfaithful to your wife, that’s why you do it when no one is watching, but instead of stopping, you ask for just five more minutes of lust.  You know it is wrong to hate, but every time you speak evil of someone or are bitter against them, instead of stopping, you ask for just five more minutes to hate.


One day there will not be five more minutes.  One day you will die and present yourself before your Creator and you won’t have five more minutes.  You will have to give an account for your life.  The consequences of living your own way is eternal separation from God in a place of suffering and pain called hell.


But today I have good news for you!  There was a person who never needed five more minutes; he lived a perfect life without ever sinning.  His name is Jesus Christ.  He paid the price you and I deserved to pay and received God’s punishment when He died on the cross. He rose again and today offers you forgiveness.


To receive His forgiveness, you must repent from your heart, stop asking for five more minutes to sin, and surrender your life to Christ.  It is time to follow Jesus.

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