Illustrated messages

TITLE: What are you feeding yourself?

OBJECT: A skillet

DOCTRINE: Sanctification


For the majority of people, food is very important. If we are hungry, we look wherever we can to find food.  If we eat healthy food, we feel good. We are careful about our diet so we can be healthy and not gain weight, because we know the consequences of a bad diet.


We know that if we eat unhealthy food, we will probably get sick and might even die. The same thing can happen in our spiritual lives.  Eventually, we will pay a price for the things we “feed” our spirit.


Every time you don’t forgive someone, you feed on bitterness and hatred. When you want something that is not yours, you feed on covetousness.  If you look at a man or woman with lust, you are feeding on adultery. Do you believe that you can live your whole life like this without any consequences?


Sooner or later, you will pay for it. When you die, you will stand before God; and if you have fed on lying, pride, covetousness, or adultery, you cannot enter heaven. You will have fed your life with so much sin that the only consequence is an eternity in a place of pain and suffering.


Who is able to cleanse you of all the sin you have ingested? Has a person ever existed that has lived in complete obedience to God and was willing to take away your sinfulness? Only Jesus Christ can do it. The Son of God lived like you and me but without ingesting sin; He obeyed God in everything, everyday. He died on the cross and rose again, and now has all the power to cleanse you on the inside.


Jesus is willing to forgive you and cleanse you of your sins if you are willing to change your way of living, stop feeding on sin, and put your trust in Him. Only through Him, can you receive a complete forgiveness for your sins. Talk to Him today -- don’t leave it for later. Be sincere with God and ask him to cleanse you completely.

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