Illustrated messages

TITLE: The Hidden Camera

OBJECT: A videocamera

DOCTRINE: Justification


The other day I was watching a movie called “The Truman Show.”  It’s about a man whose entire life has been recorded and is retransmitted by television each day.  I thought about how horrible it would be to have a videocamera following me day and night throughout my life.


Imagine this is your situation.  Everything you do during the day is broadcast on a TV program that everyone can see.  Everything good you do, as well as everything bad is there for all to see, and everyone knows what you do when you are alone.


When you lie, the whole world knows; when you oversleep and are late for work, everyone knows.  They know your fantasies, the times you committed adultery, the times you stole something.  It sounds frightening, doesn’t it?  The Bible says this is actually a reality.  All of our lives are being recorded, not for a TV program, but for us to one day face judgement for everything we have done.


The worst part is that that day will decide our eternal destiny.  Depending upon how you have lived your life, you will go to one place or another, to heaven or to hell.  God has established standards to determine if we deserve to enter heaven or not, and they are the ten commandments.  Have you obeyed them?  If you have broken them by lying, stealing, and committing adultery, you have a problem because everything has been recorded and you will be declared guilty.  When God sees your life, what will He have to do?


Surely you are asking, then who can be innocent?  There is only one who is innocent.  His name is Jesus Christ, and He is God Himself.  He lived a perfect life and never broke a single commandment.  In spite of that, He died on a cross surrounded by criminals, and later rose on the third day.  When He was dying on the cross, He was doing it for you and for me.  God the Father poured out all the wrath that our sin deserved on His Son, and He did it because He loves you and me.


Therefore, even though you have sinned, if you repent and ask Jesus for forgiveness, He can forgive you.  Recognize your sins before God, talk to Him and confess the times you have broken His laws.  Look at the cross with faith because that is where Jesus paid the price for your guilt to forgive you.  Surrender your life to Jesus and He will live His life through you.

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