Illustrated messages

TITLE: Impossible

OBJECT: Sign: Call upon Jesus (on one side)

                   Impossible (other side)

DOCTRINE: Substitution


A rich man came to Jesus and asked what he needed to do to enter into heaven.  Money can buy most things, but this man found out it could not buy him a place in heaven.  In fact, it was his money that kept him OUT of heaven.  He loved his money more than God.


Who then can go to heaven?  Jesus said, "With man it is impossible.”  Think about it!  You want to go to heaven, but all the money in the world cannot buy you a ticket!


Not only that, but we have spent our lives living more by our rules than by God's rules.  When we examine our lives, we find that our lies and blasphemy, etc., have filled our life with sin and our sin separates us from God and excludes us from heaven. Can you take away your sin? IMPOSSIBLE.  Can you bridge the gap that separates you from God? IMPOSSIBLE.  Can you buy your way into heaven?  IMPOSSIBLE.  Can you make yourself acceptable to God?  IMPOSSIBLE.


Our situation is serious!  To be excluded from heaven means to be eternally imprisoned in a place of torment and suffering.  Our situation is impossible!  What can we do?  Who can rescue us?  Who can do a miracle for us and make it possible wash away our sins so we can be with God?


God is not wanting anyone to die.  It is not in his heart to send anyone to hell.  God, who is able to do the impossible, came down to earth as a man, Jesus Christ.  He came down to do for you what you could not do for yourself.  When he went to the cross, he took your sin, and received the punishment you deserved.  When he rose from the dead, he obtained the power to forgive your sins!  And if he forgives your sins, there is nothing to keep you from going to heaven.


So what must you do to receive forgiveness?  "Call upon Jesus!"  That's the promise.  Can't forgive your own sins?  "Call upon Jesus!"  Can’t meet up to God's standards? "Call upon Jesus!"  Can't buy your way into heaven? Then "Call upon Jesus!"  Ask him to forgive you and he will.  Turn from your sin and he will wash it away.  Call upon Jesus before it is too late.  Call upon him why you still have a chance.

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