Illustrated messages

TITLE: Infusion

OBJECT: Glass of hot water and a tea bag

DOCTRINE: Regeneration


Here is a glass of water and a tea bag. The glass represents you, and the tea bag represents God.


There are many people in Spain that believe in God. “Yes, I believe in God.” But they are here. (The glass is far from the tea bag.) Believing isn’t enough. The demons also believe, but they won’t go to heaven.


There are some who believe a little more and go to church. (The glass is a little closer to the tea bag now.) “Oh, God, help me, please! Give me a job. Help my marriage. Amen.” And they go home. They leave God at church and they go home without changing. They are not changed. They are still full of lies, impure thoughts, greed, hatred, and blasphemy.


Others say: “Don’t judge me. God is with me. God is with me. He is always near me.” (The glass is right next to the tea bag.) Very good, he is next to you. But then you die, and then what? You stand before God, and there is no change in you. You cannot enter heaven full of sin. There is death within you.


Jesus Christ came to take away the sin and death in your life and give you life. You need an infusion of God’s nature. The Holy Spirit comes and enters you, and look what happens in your life. (The tea bag enters the glass of hot water.) How much of this water is affected? All of it! It smells different. We are the fragrance of Christ. It tastes different. Now it doesn’t taste like sin! Your life isn’t bitter anymore, but it has the flavor of Jesus. Our life is an infusion of the life of Jesus. The Holy Spirit enters you and COMPLETELY transforms you. If this has not happened to you, you are not saved, and you will not have eternal life.


So, how is your life? Have you experienced a complete transformation of the life of Jesus? What are you waiting for? Repent of your sin today and give your life to Jesus, so that his life enters you and transforms you.

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