Illustrated messages

TITLE: The Job Interview

OBJECT: A sign that says “A Good Job”

DOCTRINE: Substitution


Unfortunately, I am currently unemployed.  That’s why I understand that finding a good job is very important, but these days it is very difficult.  When a job becomes available, there are so many applicants that the job interviews are very complicated.  The interviewer asks many questions to get to know you and see if you are suitable for the job.


It occurred to me that one day we will all go through an interview to see if we are suitable or not.  Believe it or not, when you die, you will be judged for all your actions, words and thoughts.


God Himself will carry out that interview and He will see if you are suitable or not to enter that perfect place we know as “heaven.” To see if you are suitable, he will check to see if you have respected His laws during your life.  We all know His laws because He has written His commandments on our hearts.  He will ask you if you have ever envied anyone, if you have lied, if you have killed anyone, if you have hated or looked down on anyone, if God has been the most important one in your life.  If you have not followed these laws, you will be declared “unsuitable” for heaven.


The door to heaven will be closed to you, and you will have to go to a place Jesus described as an eternal flame, without escape, with so much pain that people grind their teeth.  I am warning you about this because I am convinced hell is real and I do not want you to go there.


God does not want you to go there, either, because He loves you.  That is why He developed a plan so that sinners like you and me could be saved and forgiven.  He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, the only perfect one, to pay the price for our guilt on the cross and offer us an exchange.  Jesus was declared “unsuitable” to give us the opportunity to be declared “suitable” and forgiven.


To be declared “suitable” by God, you must turn your back on your sin and give your life to Jesus, the one who paid the price for you.  Ask Him to change you and make you a new person.  In that way, the day you will have your interview with God, He can declare you “suitable” for heaven because of what Jesus did for you.

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