Illustrated messages

TITLE: The Life Saver

OBJECT: A life saver

DOCTRINE: Regeneration


Several years ago I was swimming in the sea, holding on to a plastic floater because I didn’t know how to swim. I didn’t pay any attention to the warning signs and went into deep water. A huge wave pushed me over and I lost hold of the floating device and begin to sink. I called out, God, help me, please! And without knowing how, suddenly I had sand beneath my feet and was at the edge of the beach.


The truth is we all can identify with this story. From childhood we don’t pay attention to God’s warning signs in our conscience and we jump into the sea of disobedience: we lie, we steal small things, then big things, we have sex outside of marriage, we hate, etc. We don’t pay attention to God and we live however we want, trusting in our good works, that flimsy plastic floater, to save us on the day of our judgment before God.


The problem is that our good works cannot save us. God has a law and since we have chosen to live with our backs to him and disobey him, we will receive the consequences of our actions. We deserve an eternal punishment for having sinned against an eternal God.


I know it is difficult to hear about hell; none of us like it, but it is a reality. The wave of death will

snatch away the plastic floater of good works that you trust in. The sea of sin will carry you off to an eternity far from God. But God does not want that to be your destiny; he does not want you to spend eternity in hell.


God has provided a solution for you so you won’t have to go to hell. He sent you a life saver. 2000 years ago, God became a man. Jesus Christ lived a perfect life without ever disobeying God’s law, and voluntarily died on a cross to receive the punishment you and I deserved for all of our disobedience in the sea of sin. Jesus’ resurrection proves his authority to save you from your sin.


If you recognize that you are drowning in the sea of your sin, call out to God to save you! Grab hold of the lifesaver, Jesus, and trust Him to pull you out of your sin and save you for eternity.

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