Illustrated messages

TITLE: The Lottery

OBJECT: Lottery ticket

DOCTRINE: Justification


"I sure hope I’m lucky!" You can hear people say this who have bought a lottery ticket and are hoping to win. Most people, however, who spend money on a lottery ticket end up losing their money because they have put their trust in luck. What's worse, though, is that most people aren't just gambling their money, they are putting their entire lives in the hands of luck.


Many people say, “If I’m lucky I will get into heaven.” The problem, though, is that getting into heaven is

NOT a matter of luck. God isn't going to roll the dice to see if you get into heaven. He is just and will judge you according to his laws.


One of the laws he will judge use to judge us says, “you shall not lie.” How many times have you lied to hide something or to appear better in front of others? Another of God’s laws says, “You shall not steal.” How many times have you cheated on a test or taken something from someone that wasn't yours? Another of God’s laws says, “Do not use God’s name in vain.” How many times a day do you use God’s name as a swear word? A different law says, “Do not commit adultery.” How many times have you looked at someone with lust?


Getting into heaven is NOT a matter of luck. If you have disobeyed God’s commands, you will be declared guilty before God on the day of judgment. The guilty will go to a place of suffering where they are separated from God and from everything good for eternity.


You might say to yourself, “I’ve already broken God’s laws. What hope is there for me?” God is a just God, but he is also merciful. God's son, Jesus, became a man and innocently died on a cross to pay the price you should pay for breaking His laws. On the third day he rose from the dead and God is now willing to declare you innocent on the day of judgment if you do something in response.


Jesus asks you to do two things: The first is repent; to turn your back on the things that displease God. The second is to surrender your life to Jesus, allowing Him to guide you. You can have eternal life today! Stop putting your life in the hands of luck and put your life in God’s hands today.

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