Illustrated messages

TITLE: Make-up

OBJECT: Two photos of a woman: before and after make-up

DOCTRINE: Sanctification


I work as a make-up artist, and the first step we take in applying makeup is to cover all of the imperfections.  We cover everything we don’t want anyone to see (pimples, age spots, etc.)  Then, we put on a good foundation of make-up, and when we´re done, the woman doesn’t look like the same person.  But later on when she washes her face and removes her make-up, the imperfections reappear; the make-up only covers up the defects temporarily.


This reminds me of our lives that are full of imperfections.  We try to cover up everything bad we’ve done with our good works or with good excuses, but in the end we find that our sin is impossible to erase on our own.


We harbor bitterness and hatred, and it becomes a huge stain on our heart; we lie every time we want to get out of a difficult situation and stain our heart more; we steal things and justify it saying it was just something small and in these times of economic crisis we need to do it; we look at a man or woman with lust and say it was just in our minds, but in reality we’ve committed adultery in our heart.  In the end we find that our heart is so stained with sin that not even the best make-up of good works can cover it.


God is just, and the day will come when He will judge us, and when He sees each one of our imperfections (each sin), He will not allow us into His perfect heaven.  He will be just and will punish sin by sending us to hell.


But God does not want us to go to hell, and for that reason He sent Jesus Christ to earth to die on the cross to give us a clean heart worthy of heaven.  Only a perfect person who had never sinned could cleanse our hearts from every stain of sin.


All of our attempts to cover our imperfections are insufficient.  Repent from your heart, asking God to forgive you, and turning your back on sin.  Give your life to Jesus Christ, the only one that has power to forgive you and cleanse your heart.

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