Illustrated messages

TITLE: Mind-Reader

OBJECT: TV Remote Control

DOCTRINE: Sanctification


The other day I saw a movie about a girl who could read the thoughts of the people around her. She would walk along the sidewalk and she could hear what everyone was thinking, criticisms of others, thoughts of envy, men looking at a pretty girl…


How terrible that would be if others could read your thoughts!


Imagine that other people could read your thoughts of lust, criticism, what you think about your boss, your desires for others to fail so that you look better… How many times we only think about ourselves; we are full of selfishness and pride; our thoughts reveal what we are like on the inside. It’s a good thing that you don’t say everything you think; it’s a good thing you didn’t do everything you thought about. How embarrassing! It’s a good thing others don’t know our thoughts.


But there is one who knows ALL of your thoughts, words, and deeds done in secret. And one day he will be your Judge. You know that these things are bad because you do them in secret, and feel ashamed. Do you think a just judge will let you into a holy place with so many dirty things in your heart? We deserve to spend eternity in a place of filth and contamination, in hell, separated from the presence of a holy God.


It’s a good thing that today is not your judgement day! Today is a day of mercy! The same God who will be your judge, is also a God of mercy. He sent his son, Jesus Christ, to take all of your filth when he died on the cross. His resurrection proves that he has authority to offer you forgiveness and a clean heart.


But you’ve got to make a decision. If you are worried about your judgment day, then there is hope for you. Repent of all of your filth and sin, and give your life to the one who died in your place, to Jesus. Then you will be filled with the peace of knowing you have a clean heart and desires to live for Jesus. Your judgment day is coming. Get right with God today while you have the chance.

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