Illustrated messages

TITLE: Unpleasant Odors

OBJECT: Deodorant

DOCTRINE: Sanctification


One day I was riding the metro when a man entered the metro car who smelled so bad that everyone moved to the opposite side of the car.  People were covering their noses.  It seemed like he hadn’t showered in a week.  There are odors that are so bad it is impossible to hide them; they are so unpleasant that no matter how much deodorant you put on, you can’t get ride of the smell.


This reminds me of our own lives.  There is an odor that we cannot hide, and it is the stench of our sin.  No matter how much we try to cover it with the deodorant of our good works, we cannot get rid of the stench.


You might ask me, what odor are you talking about?  I am talking about the times at work when you took something when you thought no one was looking; or the times when you were alone at home in front of your computer, contaminating your mind with pornography; or when out of your mouth came lies or harsh words toward others.  All of these things and more make our lives stink before God.


When we leave this world, our odor will go before us, and if we are contaminated with the stench of sin, God will not allow us into heaven.  Even though we have tried to cover up the bad odor with good works, the good things can never take away the stench of our sin.  On Judgement Day we will be guilty for all of our bad odors (sins) and the consequences are to spend eternity in hell.


But I want to tell you about a man who lived a perfect life; He never was contaminated with the stench of sin.  I am talking about Jesus Christ.  He was nailed to a cross and covered with the horrible odors of our sin.  He took your place and paid the consequences for your sins, so that He could cleanse you and save you.


But God demands that you recognize the stench of your sin; that you ask Jesus to forgive you, cleanse you, and change you; and that you receive the beautiful fragrance of the life of Christ in you.  Turn your back on sin and turn your life over to Jesus. Come to Jesus to change the stench of your sin into the fragrant aroma of His forgiveness and life.

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