Illustrated messages

TITLE: Passport

OBJECT: Passport

DOCTRINE: Reconciliation


Several years ago I was traveling to Hungary. While waiting in line to check in, I saw the other passengers taking out their passports to show to the authorities. All of a sudden I panicked. Was Hungary inside the EU or not? I only had my ID card with me. Would that be enough to cross the border? If not, what could I tell them to convince the police to let me pass? “Call my mother, she knows I am a good boy... It will only be for a few days...”


We laugh because it sounds ridiculous. But if a country requires certain documents, it is impossible to cross the border without them. Something similar is true with heaven. We don’t think about it much, but God has established some rules to cross the border into heaven.


In other words, if you want to cross the border into heaven, do not kill. Do not make any images or worship them. God’s law says do not blaspheme or you won’t enter into heaven. We haven’t fulfilled God’s requirements. Yet we think that he will let us pass if only we explain our situation to him. He will understand why I aborted that baby. I didn’t have a choice. I couldn’t care for that child. Also, the church itself made me kneel down before the virgen. I didn’t want to do it, but I thought I was doing the right thing. I hit my finger with a hammer and that’s why I used God’s name as a swear word.


The problem is that if we do not cross the border into heaven, we will be left outside, separated from a just and holy God in a terrible place called hell, a place of suffering, darkness, and loneliness. God wants everyone to enter heaven, but we can’t enter in our sinful condition.


That is why God sent Jesus. Jesus lived a perfect life, obeying all the requirements to enter heaven. But when he died on the cross, he gave up that right. He was separated from God for our sins, so that we could have an open door into heaven. He demonstrated his innocence when he rose again the third day, showing that he is the Son of God.


If you are willing to leave your sin behind and begin to do what is pleasing to God, he will allow you to cross heaven’s border on the day you die. If you trust that Jesus took away the separation that existed between you and the Father, he will allow you to pass the customs of heaven. Repent and trust in Jesus today!

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