Illustrated messages

TITLE: The Million-Dollar Question

OBJECT: A large question mark

DOCTRINE: Justification


I have a question you will be interested in answering.  When we are all done living on earth and you stand before God, will you enter into God's heaven? That, my friends, is the million-dollar question.  That is one question you do not want to answer incorrectly.


Most people would say, "I hope so."  That is not a good answer.  Others would say, "Well of course, I am a good person."  That is not a good answer.  Others say they don't believe in God or in a heaven or hell.  That is not a good answer either.  The million-dollar question is if YOU will get into heaven and I will help you answer that question in the next few minutes.


God said, "the soul that sins will surely die."  So the question is, "Have you sinned?"  Or perhaps I should ask, how many times have you broken God's law today?  Using his name as blasphemy, or using your tongue to lie, criticize, complain or judge.  Perhaps when God says not to commit impure acts, you have ignored that and lived how you pleased.  I am afraid to know the number of times I have offended God.


So if the answer is YES, I have sinned, then a guilty verdict is imminent.   The guilty will die.  No heaven, no hope, no eternal home with God.  Imagine paying for your own sins!  Imagine being separated from God forever!  So what hope is there for you today if you have answered the question NO - I will not get to heaven?


If you are looking for a way to remove your sin and be declared innocent before God, then I say you must look to Jesus.  He was innocent.  We are guilty.  He was pure.  We are impure.  He deserves heaven.  We deserve hell. It is Jesus who went to a cross and placed upon himself your guilt and your impurity and paid the price for your sin.  When he rose from the dead, he demonstrated his power to forgive you and remove your sin!


So here is another question.  Are YOUR sins forgiven?  How can you know for sure?  The only way is to come to Christ today with a repentant heart, ask Him for forgiveness and surrender your life to him.  Talk to him now.  The million-dollar question is, "Will you get to heaven?"  If your sins are forgiven your answer is YES.  If you have Jesus, the answer is YES. If you have repented of your sins and surrendered your life to Christ, the answer is YES.  Do not delay.  Come to Christ today.

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