Illustrated messages

TITLE: The Rose

OBJECT: A long-stemmed rose

DOCTRINE: Regeneration


On Valentine’s Day, romantic men give flowers like this rose to their sweethearts.  But I have a question for you, is this rose alive or dead? It looks alive because it smells good, has green leaves and soft petals. But we know that it is actually dead because it has been cut off from the root and so cannot receive life. Even though it looks alive on the outside, it is dead on the inside.


We are a lot like this rose.  Even though we look alive on the outside, we are actually dead on the inside because we have been cut off and separated from our Creator, who is the source of life.  That is why many people feel empty inside and are without purpose in life.


How have we been cut off and separated from God?  The knife is in our own hands. We have decided to live our own way with our back to God, and so we have cut ourselves off from Him. Each one of us has bent the knee before the idol of self.  I will do things MY way; I decide what is right or wrong for MY life. When we choose to lie, dishonor our parents, have sex outside of marriage, we have cut ourselves off from the root and become separated from our Creator.


Within a few weeks, this flower will be completely dry.  In the same way, one day we will also die physically, and we will present ourselves before our Creator.  Since we have chosen to live separated from Him during our life, we will also be separated from Him during all of eternity in hell.


There is no greater expression of love than one would sacrifice his life for you. That is what Jesus did for you.  God saw your situation and wanted to give you the opportunity to receive the life that only comes from Him.  That is why Jesus came to earth, to die on the cross, pay for your rebellion against God, rise from the dead, and bring you to His Father forgiven.


Today Jesus offers you abundant life on earth and eternal life in heaven.  Repent of your rebellion against Him and turn your back on your sin.  Return to your Creator and receive His forgiveness and new life.

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