Illustrated messages

TITLE: White Teeth

OBJECT: Shaving cream

DOCTRINE: Sanctification


Many people comment on how white my teeth are. The truth is I have gone through several whitening processes to have such an enviable smile. The problem comes when I shave in the morning. I stand in front of the mirror and put shaving cream on my face. That’s when I’m afraid to open my mouth, because I realize that my teeth don’t look as white as I thought when I compare them to the perfect whiteness of the shaving cream.


The same things happens in our lives. We think we are good people because we compare ourselves to the people around us. But what would happen if we compared ourselves with someone who was totally perfect?


Someone totally perfect would never tell a lie, not even a white lie. Someone really perfect would never look at a man or woman with lust. The problem is you and I have dirtied our lives with every type of sin. We are not as good as we would like to believe. We have lived as we please and we have constantly offended God. Stealing, lying, unfaithfulness, deception, and sexual immorality are only a few examples of how we have dirtied our hearts.


If we want to enter heaven, we would have to live a totally perfect life. When we stand before God, we will not be able to make him believe that we are good, because we will be very dirty compared to his perfect laws in the same way my teeth look dirty compared to the shaving cream. Our sin condemns us to an eternity in hell, a place of eternal pain and suffering without any way out.


Can you imagine if someone could cleanse your life and make it perfectly clean as if you had never done anything wrong? Only Jesus could do it, because he lived in total perfection and obedience to his Father. He was tempted in every way we are tempted, but he never sinned. He died on a cross to cleanse us from our rebellion and disobedience against God. He rose again demonstrating that has the power to take away our sin.


God commands you to repent and give your life to Jesus. Only he can truly cleanse you. Stop comparing yourself to others, stop living a superficial life, and ask Jesus to cleanse the deepest parts of your heart.

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