Illustrated messages

TITLE: What are you stepping in?

OBJECT: A shoe

DOCTRINE: Sanctification


One day my son stepped on some dog poop.  He knocked on the door and called out, “Mom, Mom, please let me in!”  But since I like to keep a clean house, I said, “You can’t come in like that. You need to clean up first.”


In this life we step in many things that make us stink before God.


When you don’t tell the truth and betray others, you are stepping in lies, and that stinks before God. When you have sex outside of marriage, commit adultery, or look at pornography, you are stepping in lust and that stinks before God. Or when someone has offended you and you don’t want to forget it, you don’t want to forgive, you are stepping in hatred. That also stinks before God.


One day we will all stand at the door of heaven and call out, “God, God, let me in!” If I, being human and imperfect like to keep MY house clean, how much more does God, who is holy and perfect, want to keep HIS house clean?! So when he opens the door, will your life stink before him? Will he say, “You aren’t getting into my house like that!”? The problem is that on that day, it will be too late to clean yourself up. You have to clean yourself up now. How can you clean your heart? I have bad news for you; you can’t.


There is only one person who can clean you on the inside. His name is Jesus Christ. 2000 years ago when he was on the cross, God took everything that you have stepped in, everything that I have stepped in, and put it upon his own Son. Jesus paid the consequences of what you have stepped in because he loves you so much. His resurrection proves the price was paid in full.


But you have to do something, too. You have to repent for having stepped in these dirty things and say, “Jesus, I don’t want to lie anymore; I don’t want to live with lust anymore; I don’t want to have hatred in my heart anymore; I want to change.” And then you need to give your life to the one who died in your place and say, “Jesus, take control of my life. I want to follow in your footsteps.” I encourage you to come to Jesus today to receive his cleansing in your heart, so on the day that you knock at his door, he will see your clean heart and say, “Welcome.”

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