Illustrated messages

TITLE: The Door is Shut

OBJECT: A door

DOCTRINE: Reconciliation


The other day I was at the airport when a couple came running to get on the plane. The flight attendant notified them that the door to the plane was already shut, and that they had arrived too late. The couple began to cry and wail, demanding that the door be opened for them, but to no avail. In the end the flight attendant had to call the police because of the scandal they had caused.


One day the Heavenly Father will stand up and close the door to heaven. The big question is if you will be INSIDE or OUTSIDE the door on that day.


There is only one thing that can close the door to heaven and that is our sin. We live however we please and then expect God to receive us with open arms and an open door. The Ten Commandments are His standards to be able to enter his house. When we ignore his standards with a live full of pride, self-centeredness, criticizing people and turning our back on God, the door to heaven will be closed to us.


On the day we stand before God covered in sin, he will say to us, “Away from me, you evildoers!” The door to heaven will be closed and all of our crying and wailing on that day will not change the situation. It will be too late. How terrible it will be when we will be led out from the presence of God to a place of punishment for our evil deeds!


The only hope we have is to get rid of the sin that keeps us out of heaven. What God desires more than anything is to open the door of heaven to us. Your sin carries a fine. Jesus paid your fine. When he died on the cross, he paid the fine for your sin and opened the door for you to know God and live a life that pleases him. When he rose from the dead, he received the power to forgive you and reconcile you to God.


What are you waiting for? Come running to Jesus in prayer! Ask him to forgive you and remove the wickedness inside of you. Leave behind your life of sin and submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. He offers you forgiveness, friendship with God and an open door to heaven when you give him your life.

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