Illustrated messages

TITLE: The Mirror

OBJECT: A mirror

DOCTRINE: Sanctification


I have something here that we all use every day, a mirror.  At least once a day you look at yourself in the mirror to see if everything is in order; to see if your hair is a mess, if you need to shave, or if your face is dirty.  It is a great tool to use to make yourself look good on the outside.


But which is more important, what we’re like on the outside, or what we’re like on the inside?  Of course, what we’re like on the inside!  If only we had a mirror that showed us what we’re like on the inside!  The truth is that we do.  The mirror that shows us what we are like on the inside are God’s standards written on our heart, on our conscience.  Would you like to see what you are like on the inside?


One of the standards of God’s mirror says, “Do not steal.”  We all know it is wrong for someone to steal from us, but we also steal when we ride the metro without paying, or when we don’t declare all our income to the government.  When we steal, we stain ourselves on the inside.  Lies also stain our heart, as well as being envious of others, or filling our heart with lust and immorality.  So, how do you look in God’s mirror?  Are you stained on the inside?


One day you will die and stand before a holy God who will look into your heart and judge you according the mirror of His commandments.  Only those who are completely clean inside by obeying His commandments will enter heaven.  And all those who are stained on the inside by not obeying His commandments will be sent to a place of loneliness, suffering, pain and darkness called hell.


God knows your situation, and because He loves you, He provided a solution to your dilemma.  He sent His Son to take all of your sin upon Himself and receive your punishment.  His resurrection proves His authority to cleanse you and forgive you.


To receive His forgiveness, you must repent and turn your back on your sin.  Surrender your life to Christ, and He will forgive you, cleanse you on the inside, and give you power to live a life that pleases God.  Then the day you stand before God, He will look into your heart and see that you are clean and forgiven and will welcome you into heaven.

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