Illustrated messages

TITLE: The Rope of Eternity

OBJECT: A rope with the tip covered in colored tape

DOCTRINE: Justification


Let’s imagine that this rope never ends; it wraps around the earth several times and has no end. This red part (10cm or 3”) represents our life on this earth. We spend all of our time thinking about these few centimeters and how we are going to have a good time, how we are going to spend our money, entertain ourselves, and live comfortably. But we don’t think about how we are going to spend eternity, the part that never ends. Which part is really the most important part?.


What we do with this red part (10 cm) determines where we will spend this never-ending part, which is your eternity.


When you give yourself over to lustful thoughts and sex outside of marriage, you are carrying the burden of immortality. When you are never satisfied with what you have and are always wanting what others have, you are carrying the burden of greed and covetousness. When your desires dominate your life and you only think about how to please yourself, you are carrying the burden of pride and selfishness.


When you arrive at the end of the red section of your life, you will face judgment, and if you are carrying the burden of sin and guilt, it will pull you down to an eternity far from God and far from everything good. No one facing their imminent death wishes they had sinned more or lived more for themselves. Money and people’s praise lose their significance. At that moment, the most important things come to light. Are you ready to face your final judgment? Are you ready for eternity?


The good news is that the same Just Judge is also a God of mercy, who wants to give you a way out.

He sent his son, Jesus Christ, to carry the burden of your guilt and sin on the cross, die, and rise again to give you the opportunity to repent, change direction, and give your life to him.


If you are worried about where you will spend eternity, call out to Jesus, the only one who can change your eternal destiny, take away your burden of sin, and forgive you. Give him your life today, and you will not only live your life on earth with the peace of knowing you are forgiven, but you will also know that your eternal destiny will be a good destiny in the presence of the God who loves you and gave his life for you.

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