Illustrated messages


TITLE: Twitter

OBJECT: Sign with Twitter logo

DOCTRINE: Justification


Just before the Olympics, a Greek athlete sent a racist tweet.  When the Olympic Committee found out, she was disqualified to participate in the games.   Though she apologized, cried, and promised not to do it again, it was too late.  Disqualified.  Condemned by a tweet.  Her dream died.


God doesn't need a Twitter account to follow you.  You can be sure he sees all you do!  He hears your comments, he sees your motives, he watches your actions.  Nothing escapes him.


So here is the question.  Have you done anything that disqualifies you for heaven?  One act of disobedience disqualified Adam and Eve from paradise.   When God reviews your Twitter (life) account, He will see the times you have lied, had sex outside of marriage, spoken evil of others... Then you will be disqualified.


Not going to the Olympics for a racist tweet is tragic.  But not getting into heaven is far more tragic.  Hell is a high price to pay for living as we please and ignoring God's law.  Perhaps the Olympian will get another chance in 4 years.  But if you are disqualified from heaven, there is no other chance.


The good news is that there is a way to wipe away all the evil you have ever done.  Imagine standing before God as if you have never sinned in your life!  Imagine not having one thing against you!  When Jesus hung on that cross, he was thinking of you.  He was thinking of your account of sin and wanted to erase it.  Why?  So that you could get into heaven.  Why?  Because he loves you more than you can imagine!  He raised from the dead and today is next to God the Father extending you a promise.


Here is the promise that God offers you today: If you run to Him with your life, he is willing to forgive you.  If you place your trust in what he did for you on that cross, he will erase your account of sin.  If you turn from your sin and begin to follow Him, eternal life will be yours!  Don't you desire it?  Imagine standing before God today as innocent rather than guilty?  Don't wait another moment!  Let God erase the history of your twitter (life) account today.

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