Illustrated messages

TITLE: Videogames

OBJECT: Videogame Controls

DOCTRINE: Substitution


I love video games! You can be a hero, an athlete, a villain, whatever you want. There are games of all kinds. And what I really like is the option to play a saved game. When you are doing well or before you go on to something more complicated, you “save” the game so that later if you are killed or something doesn’t turn out like you want it to, you can go back and try it again.


If only we could do that with our lives! If something turned out badly, we could just go back and try again. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. We have to face the consequences of our actions.


What would you like to go back and do over? I have a friend that has been unfaithful to his wife and he is always sad because he would like to fix that in his life. Maybe in your case you have broken someone’s trust. You wish you hadn’t done that, but it is too late now. Or maybe your parents have died and you wish you could go back and have treated them with more respect, but you can’t.


But that is not the worst part. The worst part is that one day we will arrive at the moment that the video games call “Game Over”. One day we will die, that is certain. Then we will be judged, and we will not be able to redo anything we have done. When God analyzes your works, what will He find? The consequences of your acts will be to spend eternity separated from Him in a terrible place called hell. Does that worry you? If it does, keep listening.


Because God loves you and doesn’t want anyone to be lost, He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to earth. In spite of living a perfect life, He died as a criminal. Because he died in your place and then rose again, Jesus offers you an exchange. He will pay your fine before God, and you can receive forgiveness and eternal life.   


But you must repent and surrender your life to Him. Ask God for forgiveness for your sin, for each time you decided that you were more important than He is.  And He will help you live your life as He intended, abundantly on earth, and eternally in heaven.

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