Illustrated messages


OBJECT: Sign that says, “Vote”

DOCTRINE: Sanctification


Very soon the US citizens will elect the candidate who will be President during the next 4 years.  Each citizen has the opportunity to look back and evaluate if the current President has governed well, or if a change in direction is needed for the country.  Then people will vote for the person they choose to govern now.  The consequences of the election will affect the entire world.


Each one of us also has the opportunity to elect the one who will govern our lives; the one who decides what is good or bad for our lives; who will be number 1, the boss.  If we are honest, we must recognize that we have each elected ourselves to rule and govern our own lives. I invite you to look back and evaluate to see if you have governed your life well, or if your life needs a change in direction.


Have you ever done anything that you wish you could change?  If your life was projected on a huge screen for all the world to see, would you be ashamed?  Everyone would see the times you looked at pornography on the internet, or the times you had sex outside of marriage, or the times you stole something when you though no one was watching.  Have you ever said anything you wish you hadn’t?  Many of your hateful words and your lies have hurt someone else, but you cannot take them back now.  With all the bad things you have done, do you think you have governed your life well?


In the same way that presidents elected in a democratic society must give account to the citizens for what they’ve done, each one of us will one day give an account to our Creator of everything we have done, said, and even thought.  And the consequences of our choices will affect our eternal destiny.  We will have to pay for everything we have done wrong in a place called hell.


Wouldn’t you like to go back and erase everything you’ve ever done wrong?  You cannot do it, but there is someone who can.  God loves you so much that He sent His own son, Jesus Christ, to pay for the consequences of all that you have done wrong, and He did it when He died on the cross.  His resurrection demonstrates His authority to erase all of your sins.


You have an election before you.  Are you going to continue governing your own life and in the end pay for your own sins in hell?  Or will you change direction and elect Jesus to govern your life, erase your sins, and bring you to heaven one day?  What are you waiting for?  Repent from your sins and choose Jesus as the governor of your life today!

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