Illustrated messages

TITLE: The Whiteboard

OBJECT: A whiteboard (or white sheet of paper, or an eraser)

DOCTRINE: Sanctification


If you’ve ever had to teach a class, whiteboards are great for explaining things to others.  You can write and erase over and over.  There are special markers that erase easily, but if you get confused and write with a permanent marker, you cannot erase it and the whiteboard becomes permanently stained.


Our lives are like this whiteboard; we are born fresh and clean with all of our decisions before us. What we choose to do is written in permanent marker on our lives and we cannot erase it.


You lie, covet, use God’s name as a swear word, have sex outside of marriage, and all of this appears in permanent ink staining your life. You try to erase your whiteboard with good deeds and you try to change, but you can’t, and you end up with a whiteboard full of permanent stains. You wish you hadn’t written those things on your life, but it is too late.


The worst thing of all is that one day your whiteboard will be brought into the light before God and you will be judged by all that you have written on it: all deception, lustful thoughts, hatred and bitterness. The consequences of these things is hell, a place of eternal suffering, separated from God and everything that is good.


If these things worry you, listen closely because there is hope for you.  Demonstrating how much He loves you, God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth.  Jesus never dirtied His whiteboard; He lived a perfect life in every way and He died in your place.  He received the punishment that God demanded for all the stains of sin in your life. His resurrection demonstrates His authority to erase every sin from the whiteboard of your life and present you as clean before God.


If you recognize that you have stained your life with sin, but you want to be clean before God, call out to Jesus, and ask Him for forgiveness.  Ask Him to erase all the sin from the whiteboard of your life, and ask Him to begin to write the things that are pleasing to Him in your life.

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